Stand Up Steubenville

With all the negativity in the “web world” about me and other people from Steubenville, just because we spoke out about concerns for our youth that had nothing to do with the events of the case going on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Never once in any of my blogs did I blame this little girl known as “Jan Doe”. My heart breaks for her and her family for all the defamatory things about her over the “web world” She doesn’t deserve that. However, on a personal note…..things are in store for all the lies, sexual explicit posts, defamation of character and many more law breaking actions that have been done to me personally and others.It”s a great thing and is unfolding as I type.I just hope a lot of lessons have been learned.Things that you say and post about another because of how you may feel about that person personally does have consequences and justice will be served for all.


The city of Steubenville will continue to come together!!!!

They want us to go silent, that is their goal. When someone is attacking a community the way Steubenville is being attacked they want you to think “This will pass” “I’ll just be silent” Being silent is what they want and what makes them win. We will Stand tall for our community and all the people in it! In the words of my good friend Mike Jett…..They want this S on my hat to stand for SCANDAL! They want this S on my hate to stand for SHAME! Well we are going to make this S on my hat stand for STRENGTH! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for SURVIVAL! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for STAND UP!! Continue to stand up for our youth Steubenville, they need us more than ever. To the Youth, do not be afraid to wear your Red and Black! Do not be afraid to wear your Letterman jackets! Wear them with pride! We are here for you 110%.

I do not understand how I can get such negativity from an event titled Stand Up for Steubenville Youth? How is that title something people would frown upon or put down in any way? I have been told that I am standing for rape? How is that even something that crosses anyones mind when no conviction of rape has come from the court system yet? As far as I know, this is still in “alleged rape” I am so astounded that people are creating lies about my city, well, not astounded, honestly I am fed up! I have had enough! I have had people say that my event goes against “Jane Doe” How exactly is that a fact? Please explain where your pathetic mind leads you to THAT conclusion? My event is Stand Up STEUBENVILLE YOUTH! As far as I know “Jane Doe” is NOT a STEUBENVILLE resident. My event is NOT about her. It’s about My city, my children, my schools, my home. This is the first blog I have created just to get a feel for it, I will be blogging 3-4 times a week about things so stay in touch. Thanks

Stand up Steubenville Youth