I do not understand how I can get such negativity from an event titled Stand Up for Steubenville Youth? How is that title something people would frown upon or put down in any way? I have been told that I am standing for rape? How is that even something that crosses anyones mind when no conviction of rape has come from the court system yet? As far as I know, this is still in “alleged rape” I am so astounded that people are creating lies about my city, well, not astounded, honestly I am fed up! I have had enough! I have had people say that my event goes against “Jane Doe” How exactly is that a fact? Please explain where your pathetic mind leads you to THAT conclusion? My event is Stand Up STEUBENVILLE YOUTH! As far as I know “Jane Doe” is NOT a STEUBENVILLE resident. My event is NOT about her. It’s about My city, my children, my schools, my home. This is the first blog I have created just to get a feel for it, I will be blogging 3-4 times a week about things so stay in touch. Thanks

Stand up Steubenville Youth


59 thoughts on “Stand up Steubenville Youth

  1. I’m with the other side. I’m one of the “guys in masks,” that you like to blame for everything.

    I support this page, and support your rally. Just make it about the kids… ALL OF THE KIDS, who were victimized by the actions of two or more back in August. The threats against the schools were called in by students who wanted out of class for the day. The people who are making kids hide under their desks, urinate on themselves, and vomit are students at other schools, who care more about football scores than children (which is kind of the whole point of the rallies at the courthouse).

    You have a chance to help your community. We plan to help your community. The best way to NOT help your community is to have another Big Red Football pep rally, and invite speakers who are going to blast those of us who are HELPING, and NOT blast the two (or more likely, half dozen or more) boys who have negatively impacted your town for years to come.

    • Agree to disagree I guess. I do not believe that what I held was a “football” rally. Also, when the comment was made about children “urinating” on themselves…..these were elementary children that had these accidents because they were afraid! Noone at my rally that spoke were blaming the “alleged” victim. Noone at my rally was standing for the “alleged” accused! As far as your “masked men” comment. YES I do blame alot of the hatred, lies, and harrasment on the “masked” men as they are the ones attacking ME personally! I am not saying ANON…..I am saying “masked men” that are using the name ANON….and making all of the people from this “group” look really bad. I believe that I am helping my community and I will continue to do so with the help of many. Also BTW……I don’t recall any court saying there has been any conviction thus far, however, I am not a judge, a lawyer or GOD so I don’t know the truth, like some think they do. I will wait for the TRUTH but continue to support MY community, MY school systems and MY youth forever!!

    • Jackie isn’t blaming the people in mask for the threats made. I believe there are 2 individuals from our town that are causing all the ruckus. If you want to be an idiot and post that it was a football rally just to make us look like we are obsessed with big red football then keep your negative comments to yourself. She is trying to keep a positive light in our community and its people like you that we don’t want here. On a more positive note, Big Red wrestlers won OVAC’s. see we’re wrestler fans to. Haha

      • If there is two individuals in your town causing ruckus then do something about it. What are they doing? Are they parents of the kids?

      • That is horrible all this from two people. What did they do? Did they throw the parties that poor girl was at? I feel bad for the area so sad.

  2. What exactly are you doing that is helping the community Mr. Man in a Mask? Telling the world that out town’s officials covered up an alleged rape to protect a football team? Wow, how did that play out with the investigation of the AG? Oh, no evidence? Great! Now, have you seen Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper, the NY Times, The Plains Dealer, Prinnie, or any of them print/cover a retraction on that alleged cover-up that involved an administration, a coaching staff, two seperate law enforcement agencies (4 if you count the BCI and now AG), and the prosecutor’s office.

    So when you say you are helping, pardon me if I think you are delusional. Your cause was just but you missed the mark on how to go about it. You made up crazy allegations to get press and now we are left holding the bag.

    Are you getting Local Leeks taken down? No? Well then don’t tell me you are “helping.” Start there. Start with the most insanely crazy lie that has been cited over and over in all these stories. get that taken down and we’ll start to believe that you are here to “help” the community.

  3. I “codone” rape because I refer to an “alleged” victim and “alleged” rape…….Thats has to be the most ridiculous thing Ive heard thus far. Everything involved with this case is “alleged” noone has been convicted of anything thus far. As far as the coach….the boys “accused” were not permitted to play sports. Hello…..they were in juvenile lockdown! As far as our teachers….they handled the lockdown perfectly!! Could not have asked for a scary situation to be handled any better! However when dealing with 5 yr olds….accidents are bound to happen! I do not codone rrape but I also believe th truth will prevail in court. No matter the outcome…I do not believe an entire school should be held accountable!!

  4. Also, prinnie or whoever she is states on twitter that my rally had nothing to do with “Jane Doe” Well I’ll be got damn!!! No shit Prinnie!! Never claimed it did……you are really bad at your “research”

  5. ,Dear Jackie, you need to calm down and recognize that there are many others in this town and area who do not attend Steubenville City SChools: Central, home schoolers, Ind. Creek, Toronto, etc. We all want what is best for our children and a stand up for our youth valley would have been nice idea had it not seemed to be a Big Red pep rally. Can’t we all get together on trying to keep our kids away from the culture of violence that has taken over this town? Two killed last night by a 16 yr old. This town, my town has become a MESS with drug/gang violence. The rape case yet another example of sad,sick moral culture. Please, get your friends on board with cleaning the garbage out of this twon. We can all be on board with a youth rally for all the youth in the area in hopes of offering them a life free from the hideous negativity in the town that is in fact the gang/drug/addiction culture and yes, the lack of a moral compass.

    • Elaine, Calm down? I’m not hysterical or anything….BUT I agree with you 100% on all the other areas you presented!!! That is exactly what we need to do, I could not agree more with you. The fact that people think it was a “Big Red Pep Rally” is so sad to me. It was a rally for YOUTH! Just so happens I named it Steubenville Youth because of the events. However, please lets do “get together” and do what we as adults need to do to make all youth aware of the problems going on and see what we can do to help. I appreciate your comment and I thank you for it also!~!

      • I would be be more than happy to get involved in some type of youth organiazations, arallly can be a good starting point, though in iffy winter weather, outside evets very diff. to plan.Ithink I’m older than you and your friends but I would be honored to serve in any meaningful way to try to make our community a safer pace for our kids, grandkids, and for all area area residents. Most of us us are more than sick of all the gang drug violence here and as a community it’s time we demand that the thugs go. let us try to rebuild this valley and bring some sanity back here. May I add we wlll need commitment from all local officials, both elected ad and unelected, school, church officals, and the media,etc. not just”lip service”as we’ve received in the past and then just move on… A safe community where our children can grow and learn w/o the fear of getting caught up in this culture of violence is something hopefully we can all agree on.
        Perhaps once the dust settles some over current rape case which does indeed fit into what’s become a sick culture here,let us all gather to indeed TAKE OUR CITY BACK. This is what we really need a grassroots movement to get all on board to once again make this a safe area where all, young and old can flourish w/o the fear of getting caught in the crossfire of these punks who have been and remain the greatest threat to community youths and adults alike. No offense meant when I said calm down,I just say that often to people when they sound exasperated.
        Maybe inn the spring this is something concerned citizens may be able to begin to organize.
        Thank youdd

  6. I live across the river and the VICTIM is one of my youth. I will brave the weather again to support her! I don’t need to watch CNN, Fox or Nancy Grace. I know about the crime in Little Chicago. You and Jill are delusional to believe being positive is gonna fix your town. You both need to build a desk city and incorporate yourselves or just quit talking.

    • Jen….Good for you!!! You should support your “victim” As I and everyone else from “Little Chicago” will support OURS as well!! Now take your delusional self and keep spreading the hate!! People like you are a prime example of how this has became so much more than 1 victim!!! I pray for you and your hate rage that has NOTHING to do with my event!

      • I don’t hate your town. I just watch Channel 9. Shootings just about every day. I hope you show support to your victim from April since she is your youth. Was the 16 year old who killed people getting a bum deal from the press or the 14 year old that was shooting at a car overcome with stress at the media circus? I give you credit for trying to clean up your town but sadly I doubt anything’s gonna change. Until parents teach their kids right from wrong or that actions have consequences, the whole country’s future looks pretty grim.

      • I agree Jen!! Parents need to step up and talk to their children, they need to know that their actions effect everyone!! Underage drinking and parties that have alcohol so easily in reach for these kids. Alot of work needs to be done about this, It isn’t just a Steuebenville thing though, its everywhere and we. as adults, need to get this together!! It has to start at home!! Parents need to step up and help!!

  7. Jane Doe is the real victim here. Not the city of Steubenville. Not its residents. I hope justice is served in this case. I do not hold hate towards Steubenville. It doesn’t matter what community this took place I would still feel the same. No woman deserves to be raped. And no excuses for rape should be allowed. This young lady deserves justice and has a long road to recovery ahead of her. She needs the support more than anyone else.

    • Yes she does need justice, this little girls life has been changed forever and I believe in the justice system. I however don’t believe sn entire school sytem should have to suffer. I am a mother and If I had a daughter that was rapped I would spit nails until justice was serverd. I understand that 100%. Let’s focus on the allegations and victim at hand and quit blaming an entire school system. which has been done with many bloggers.

      • angela
        Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 7:32 pm
        Been sayin’ for years now I feel like I’m livin in Juarez. The violent crime here ala Gangs/drugdealers/customers-addicts/daily shootings occasional murders, unbelievable for a town this size. When are the good citizens say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….NO MORE? We should be protesting on the courthouse steps weekly until our elected and unelected city officials help to STOP THE VIOLENCE. Get rid of the human garbage that has been infecting this valley for now decades with their filthy lifelstyls of gang “culture.”
        To save our communities we must rid ourselves of the gangsters and those who provide them with their drugs for sale and illegally obtained firearms.
        an “operation clean up our town from gangsters” is long overdue.
        Can we get Jackie and her pals to get on board with that?
        We should all unite on this, for our kids and all who want a safe community.
        Who hear, besides the druggies who won’t see this or any written material ’cause they can’t read anyway, would be against that?

  8. WoW!!!!!Jackie, Here’s the Skinny on these idiots saying you and anyone that supports Steubenville (Youth) condone rape…They are idiots. Don’t give them the pleasure of an argument… Your (EVENT) is about that 5 year old, that Ten year old, that kid that was not at any parties and that kid that didn’t have any association with the accused… and for those that have not committed a crime. But because you are not mentioning (Jane Doe) they want to say we are all rapist. We allow them to fight their cause because we also feel that if the FACTS prove rape then Give Jane Doe her Justice, but that is what they chose to fight. (They Failed to realize that; That 5 year old is afraid of their Mask. Their not afraid of Jane Doe, Their not even afraid of the accused, their afraid of those mask….As parents supporting Steubenville youth it’s our job to educate and protect our youth to the fullest…And believe me although there are incidents happening weekly here, there are negative things happening in their (Little Towns) as well… Keep moving forward…………. and if anyone feels they need to attack people because they didn’t mention Jane Doe in their reason for having an event you are in deed an IDIOT! You are Mask for Justice that act like the KKK…Period… Sounds offensive right. Think before you speak and think about why Jackie’s event is important. (Anonymous originally was brought in; I now believe, with good intent, unfortunately (more than a few of their followers have hidden agendas witch subsequently will have an adverse effect on their efforts) We all support Jane Doe but agreeing to support her in different ways has become a separate fight…..

    • #1. Please don’t call someone an idiot when you don’t know the difference between their and they’re.
      #2. I don’t wear a mask.
      #3. When alleged is used in quotations, that’s a sarcastic notion and disrespectful to all sexual assault victims.
      #4. Jackie had a good idea, a little late, but a good idea.
      #5. Witch and which have 2 different meanings altogether.
      #6. Are you really throwing in the race card with your KKK remarks? They were wearing masks not hoods. I didn’t see any upside down crosses burning, did you?
      #7. What about Jane Doe #2? She’s your youth.
      #8. Wasn’t it one of your youth that caused the schools to be on lockdown causing the desk cities and regurgitating and urinating?
      #9. There are a lot of good people and good things in Steubenville but I am afraid to go anywhere downtown after dark.
      #10. Maybe all the parents on here bitching should get off the computer and actually spend time with their kids and teach them right from wrong.

      And that is the skinny from this fat bitch who isn’t afraid to put her name on here.

      • By you correcting my obvious grammar typos proves my point…. and the race card was to prove that how offensive the anonymous protest have become. I never said anything negative toward Jane Doe. Your anger and apparent aggression proves the rest of my points!

      • Case in point right there!! We will protect our own and continue to stand with pride! I like the words that Wil Smith once sung…..Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let GOD deal with the things they do cause hate in your heart will consume you too! That one verse speaks volume with this situation at hand!

      • putting alleged in quotations means no disrespect, sorry. It seems like you just want to argue about anything you can, smh. IT IS AN ALLEGED RAPE, I am not saying it didn’t happen….I am saying….It’s “ALLEGED” I am not GOD and I am not a judge, I believe the justice system is doing their job and will get to the TRUTH! However, my event is for an entire school system that is being “punished” for the alleged acts of few. Thank you

      • Jen get a life.. Where you at the party?? Do you have positive evidence that she was raped? Do you think it’s funny that small children are scared? You have children but yet you’re on the computer!! You’re afraid to go downtown?? What reason would you have to go to downtown Steubenville? Have you traveled in your own town of Weirton lately? Because if you think Weirton is the little house on the prairie than you’re the one that needs to wake up and smell the Starbucks. That’s great that you travel over to the rally’s for what you believe in, but don’t take out every rape that has occurred in the world and pin it to two kids who have NOT BEEN FOUND GUILTY YET!!! Once again unless you were at the party because from reading you’re idiotic posts you sound like an eye witness, so if you are why didn’t you stop it?? Ah yes I know why you didn’t, because you got your information off the Internet and you know what they say, if it’s on the Internet it’s got to be true. So you talk about shootings in Steubenville, I guess all my friends on the Weirton police department will all be getting laid off since we live in A PERFECT TOWN WITH NO DRUGS NO GUNS NO RAPES NO SHOOTINGS!! You want to talk about the race card? Ok here’s a WHITE PERSON TAKE ON THE MASKS, NO DIFFERENT THAN THE KKK, if you can’t show your face and by the way I’m not talking about your face I know exactly who you are, but the ones in the masks can and are causing fear just as the KKK did. You don’t need a burning cross to induce fear.. By the way can those masks be worn into schools, churches, banks, government offices, police stations?? I can guarantee the answer is NO!! So how’s my grammar so far? I would hope with 4 degrees, two in education and two in business/marketing that I’m living up to the perfect grammar on here, at least in your eyes. You want to protect Jane Doe? You want to stand for rape victims? Then do so, go to rally’s, write letters, donate money to shelters, but do not attack people from Steubenville for taking a stand and protecting their children. As for Jill and Jackie, they do spend time teaching their kids right from wrong, and believe if you had a conversation with their children you would see that for yourself. Their kids are very respectful and very good students. I Coach in this town, your town Jenn and believe me I’ve seen more crack heads, pill heads and druggies as parents in one year than the previous 24 years I’ve coached elsewhere. I’m going to give you a QUOATE from God “He without sin cast the first stone, maybe instead of sitting at home on your computer you should go to church and maybe, just maybe you can learn a few things. Stand Up Steubenville I wish you the best, to the alleged victim I pray for healing, because whether it’s true or not she will need our prayers, her life and the accused lives will never be the same.

      • These people on this hate spree want to hold a coach and an entire football team accountable for actions of a few. How is that justice? You say Big Red should not be allowed to play one whole season and the coach should be fired. Let me ask you this. Are you a Pittsburgh Steeler fan?? If you are and you feel Big Red Football team & Reno should be punished, do you also feel that Tomlin and the Steelers should be punished? You should! They have a member of their team that has been accused of rape twice! So yes, this isn’t a justice thing, it’s a hate thing. So now with what I just said…..swallow THAT lump in your throat and see how that taste! ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK!! Also if you think for one minute this is about Robert Ritchie…..nice try. However it isn’t about him. Also, I don’t recall him and I competing in anything in school….so that is really funny.

  9. At Jenn….I am also from the same town and actually same neighborhood as the alleged victim! It is not just Steubenville. Drive down Elm Street or how about West Street. Cops all the time. Drug deals ALL the time. Break ins and arrests. It is constant. I have family in Steubenville and I feel safer in some of those neighborhoods than I do ANYWHERE near downtown Weirton. No town is perfect. The truth is people are blaming the town and the school and the football team. It is not right or fair! That is the point of Stand up for Steubenville Youth. Let them know that they have support and people stand behind them. Some people are so hypocritical when they dont hear what they want! I, a Weirton resident, will stand up for my Steubenville family and Steubenville youth!!!!

  10. No anger or aggression. I’m tired of the drama. People have forgotten the REAL reason. There are 2 victims of sexual assault in your town. That should be the focus first and foremost. The other BS is redundant. The media circus started with those boys posting things. Instead of bashing, this area needs to get a parenting seminar going. Social media is raising our children and some parents are not aware of what their kid does online. Obviously some parents trust their kid completely and don’t even know where they are. This whole drama fest has gotten way out if control but has also been a real eye opener for a lot of parents who thought their kids were perfect. There has got to be someone in this area willing to donate their time for parents to learn about social media and how to monitor their children’s posts, blogs, etc. as well as someone to talk to all kids about what they post online and when they “delete” something, it’s always there. If this media frenzy has helped ONE parent rethink their parenting then I say it was all worth it. I will be at the rally Saturday to support Jane Doe, the city of Steubenville and its good citizens. I invite you to join me with your kids so they can see the “masks” are the good guys.

    • Jen honestly its plain and simple….you dont support what I am doing thats fine. Im not going to lose sleep over it. Im not blogging to win a popularity contest. I will continue to stand up!! Also…the desk city comment really does show how people love to spread hate!

      • My family lives there. keep doing the right thing girl. Ill live in tent cities with ya. Even tho i dont know what it means I got you girl. RollRedRoll

    • Sorry Jen but I disagree! The mask men are not ALL good guys and that has been proven already! The REAL anon…..yeah, they may stand for justice and good intention for this girl as everyone does, including myself, However, some people potraying themselves as being anon, wearing masks are NOT good guys by any means!!

  11. Can you please tell me the two trouble causing kids. My family is at SHS and I just wanna make sure they are not in the wrong crowd if you know what I mean. Im scared and I live in Cadiz. I love my nephews tho I practically raised them.

  12. Agreed, beware of people behind masks. How can we tell the good ones from the evildoers if they must hide their faces?
    also agree that stupid kids are wearing guy faux masks ’cause they now find it “cool.” ……just dumb and potentially dangrous.

    • Exactly Elaine. Pretty sad. We had a great meeting last night and things are going to get better. There is so much in store that will be unfolding within the next few weeks and I am so proud to be apart of it!! Stand Up Steubenville…….You are doing a great job!!

  13. There are victims of sexual assault in Weirton as well, other than Jane Doe. There’s also incest rape, and incest practiced…..and I’m not assuming; these are facts, Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself….. with the world calling all of the people in Steubenville Rapist; what are we supposed the think about Weirton….Hummm Same thing with other towns around here look at Toronto, Ohio…. look at the child molesters in the Tiltonville, Rayland area… need I continue…. Because I can name some horrible incidents that has happened in all of these little ass towns around Steubenville….Recent incidents…..I might just need to start posting these incidents in a way that they start getting more national coverage….

  14. When is the next event ? And will you please clarify for your readers that the defendants were indeed charged with rape. When reading your blog, it reads as if you understand them not to be charged with rape. I’m not sure if that was a typo on your part or if you just misunderstood the court system ; but several of my friends; who follow you; and whom’s children attend Steubenville City school system have brought this to my attention. Thank you. God speed.

    • They have not been convicted of anything thus far! This is to an “8th grader” that tried to post…..lol. 8th grade with a potty mouth,he and his parents should be so proud of his language. Angie, the next event is on my facebook page called Stand Up Steubenville if you would like to take a look. 🙂

      • Seems we have some people playing drinking games at spelling errors they read. You should be so proud of yourselves, and the example you lead for you children. Ok, that’s all, now go back to getting your drink on……lol….pathetic

  15. I’m an old fa.. and not that computer savvy. Make typos and missell often. These jerks on this and every sight on the internet who feel a need to point out everyone’s little errors perhaps need to seek treatment because their OCD symptoms are clearly out of control. Do not fret over them jackie or anyone else victimized by such. They’ve just got their own stupid issues.

  16. I guess if Standing up for a girl that was raped, pissed on, and God knows what else, makes me a trouble maker then I am guilty. When you use words like accuser or alleged victim that makes my insides turn. It is like you do not even care that a child was injured because she dont go to steubenville city schools. To me it does not matter where she is from. She is a human being a child of God. No being human or animal deserves how she was treated by those barbarians. I have the VICTIMS back and thank you cadiz native for the kind words and telling me about this blog. Even tho she wont post this cause its from me.

    • I will allow your comment Bobby. This isn’t about you. I applaud you for standing up for this girl, we all want justice for her, but I will also stand for an entire school system that has been blamed for the acts of a few. I stand behind all innocent people that have had their lives turned upside down because of lies being said about them.

  17. wow if standing up for a rape victim makes me a trouble maker then im guilty. Your words clearly state that you have no remorse for the victim. So what shes not from steubenville city schools. She is a child of God no human or animals deserves what she is going through. She was pissed on and raped can your brain fathom that. And Cadiz Native thank you for making me aware of this but sad as it may sound this blog was pg rated compared to what the others are saying about me. Ill always stand up for the innocent and the ones that can not do it themselves.

  18. I want to state a fact here! A FACT! I read all 295 pages of the court document from the hearing. In all the testimony from both sides! Never once did ONE person say she was peed on! Someone had brought it up joking who was not one of the boys arrested. It never happened! This is another example how the media circus has twisted and started so many rumors. Before you run your mouths you should educate yourself on the case! Just saying! I will stand up for my Steubenville family! I am not even from Steubenville and I will not tolerate what you people are doing. Jackie I support you 100% I know what has been done to you and your family and have witnessed some of it online! Jackie I will do anything I can for you and your cause all the way from Weirton, WV!!!!! I was at the last event and will be at the next!xoxo

    • Thank you very much WVSupporter!! That means so much and I am glad that you have commented as to what has been done to me by people that state they want justice. It’s pretty sad!! I can’t wait to see everyone at the next event, if your not on my event page please go to the Stand Up Steubenville fb page because dates have been changed. Again, thank you!!

  19. Unfortunately Freedom of Speech is NOT respected by #opSteubenville or #oprollredroll or whatever they call themselves. Jackie you have the right to say whatever you want. It doesn’t make you a supporter of rape. Yes, The entire city of Steubenville was hijacked by cyber terrorists. You have a Constitutional right to express your opinion on this and any other matter. You know you have struck a nerve when “they” start attacking you personally and calling you a supporter of rapists. I’m proud of you!!

    • Thank you very much Wha!! I am just in total shock at some of the personal attacks. However, I don’t let them get to me, I will continue to stand up and fight for the youth of Steubenville! Again, thanks you!!

  20. Anthony,

    I have a life thank you very much. No I wasn’t at the party were you? Do you have positive evidence that this didn’t happen? I never said it was funny that children are scared. I do have children but they are grown giving me free time to be on the computer. My reasons to go to downtown would be Ace Optical, Downtown Bakery or Naples, just to name a few. Technically I don’t live in Weirton, I don’t travel downtown after dark. I am not taking every rape in the world out on the two boys accused. You are correct in they have not been found guilty, but there has surely been enough evidence to arrest and charge them. If they were completely innocent, they wouldn’t be in the predicament they are in now would they? You can believe my posts are idiotic because that is your right. If you read my earlier post, i stated that Jackie has a good idea and I also stated maybe get someone to go speak to parents in all areas around here about FB, Twitter, youtube, etc. so they can see what their children are doing on line. I even suggested having someone go around to the schools and teach children proper internet safety. I also stated earlier that this has gotten way out of hand. It shouldn’t be one side against the other. In a time like this, communities need to come together, not go at war. You know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” That has long been forgotten. Kids nowadays are spoiled brats, who threaten to call 911 everytime they don’t get their way. They think the world owes them something. Thank you for donating your time to coach, mentor and just be involved in a child’s life. Agree to disagree, some residents of Steubenville stalked the national news when they were in town to get their 15 minutes of fame. I can say Jackie has kept up with her plan and I hope she succeeds. Maybe she can help other communities take their city back, because this country sure could use it. This whole situation has blown to epic proportion but if it helps one parent realize that maybe they should talk to their child, monitor their internet usage, or check on them when they say they are going one place and then sneak to another, then maybe it has been worth it. Good luck Jackie. If you need anything or would like the name of a few computer guys, please let me know.

    • Jen now that I agree with, I just feel too many people have jumped on a bandwagon on either side of this sad event. I’m not sticking up for the boys or the girl, I will wait till court is over and then I will at least know that it went through the judicial system. Heck I got deleted by a “friend” on Facebook who said it was discusting that I didn’t think the poor child was raped”, since day one have I ever said one way or the other, just that I want to see justice in a court of law. I’ve also said from day one that I was praying for all three of the teens, because like I said whether it happened or not all three were in need of healing prayers. Thank you for the compliments also about being a Coach, trust me it’s not an easy job, but if I can save on child from life’s many temptations and show them what’s it’s like to be cared about then it’s all worth while. Jen I agree to disagree on some points but overall I think we are both wanting the same. Thank for responding and giving me your side of things. God Bless

  21. To jackie and rob

    I think the both of you along with jill and frankie have great intentions in your heart. I believe the to be politically correct gor now alleged victim deserves justice to the fullest extent. I also believe there are great people adult and children alike throughout steubenville. There needs to be a lot done to get this great little city back to a little crime area it once was when we where growing up.

  22. People should really get their facts straight before they comment about another person. I would have loved to go and audition for the show after I received confirmation with an audtion date and time, however I was unable to do that. If I feel in the future to go all the way and audition, I will. That’s a choice that I will make on my own but thanks for being so curious as to additional false information once again shared in online media.


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