Stand Up Steubenville

With all the negativity in the “web world” about me and other people from Steubenville, just because we spoke out about concerns for our youth that had nothing to do with the events of the case going on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Never once in any of my blogs did I blame this little girl known as “Jan Doe”. My heart breaks for her and her family for all the defamatory things about her over the “web world” She doesn’t deserve that. However, on a personal note…..things are in store for all the lies, sexual explicit posts, defamation of character and many more law breaking actions that have been done to me personally and others.It”s a great thing and is unfolding as I type.I just hope a lot of lessons have been learned.Things that you say and post about another because of how you may feel about that person personally does have consequences and justice will be served for all.


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