Congrats to Wells Academy Elementary School for being #1 in academics in the State of Ohio!!!!  Awesome Job!!!

Wells Academy #1 academic program!!


I do not understand how I can get such negativity from an event titled Stand Up for Steubenville Youth? How is that title something people would frown upon or put down in any way? I have been told that I am standing for rape? How is that even something that crosses anyones mind when no conviction of rape has come from the court system yet? As far as I know, this is still in “alleged rape” I am so astounded that people are creating lies about my city, well, not astounded, honestly I am fed up! I have had enough! I have had people say that my event goes against “Jane Doe” How exactly is that a fact? Please explain where your pathetic mind leads you to THAT conclusion? My event is Stand Up STEUBENVILLE YOUTH! As far as I know “Jane Doe” is NOT a STEUBENVILLE resident. My event is NOT about her. It’s about My city, my children, my schools, my home. This is the first blog I have created just to get a feel for it, I will be blogging 3-4 times a week about things so stay in touch. Thanks

Stand up Steubenville Youth